1. Here’s a quick snap of my DIY Mother/Daughter skirt project.
    We call this piece, Navy Ziggy.
    Inspired by this post.

    (dslr details coming soon, I’m just too impatient and excited (also, my chin))

  3. HAHA, INDEED I AM. ;~;

    all of my friends from their lib. arts colleges are spreading their sunshine while I waste away in dark academic asylum for an additional month.

    not really. i’m being dramatic.

    but i’m sure you can imagine how annoying it is to work when all you see are people walking around in swimsuits and taking their boards to go surfing down the street.

    c’est la vie, man.

  6. Gratuitous post of the threads I selected today. 


  8. nemoi | Beech Avenue (via Duncan Brown (Cradlehall))

    When I have my summer home estate in the country side, this will be the road to it. 

    (via jacony)