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  2. photos my little brother sent to me today before he helped set up the haft-seen

    Eid eh Nowrūz Mobarak.  

  4. “All you need now is a flower in your hair”

    I had just came out of my Ecology of Crime midterm and for all I knew I was looking like the crypt keeper.

    I was walking back from class with my eyes practically half closed embracing my espresso as if it were to save my life. Out of the corner of my eye I see some guy double take, pause and in a few swift motions, pluck a flower within his reach from the garden beside him, walk up right in front of me, present me said flower and say with a smile, “all you need now is a flower in your hair.” And I’m not entirely sure what he meant by that but it seemed sincere?

    I’m here looking at him with my sleep deprived eyes all wide and confused in Bambi mode wondering if he has approached the wrong person and before I could even utter a skeptically flattered thank you, he walked off.

    People like this don’t exist unless there is a camera rolling and Nicolas Sparks has written the plot, right? But, in a cheesy way, it kind of feels good knowing that some crazies out there can see me in objectively my worst physical state and hand me flowers and nice words.

  6. Ghost Story - Emma Bennett

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