1. nprfreshair:

    New York Times journalist James Risen could face prison for refusing to reveal his source for a story about a botched CIA operation intended to sabotage Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

    Today he joins Fresh Air to talk about journalism, getting subpoenaed, and his new book Pay Any Price.

    You cannot conduct aggressive investigative reporting without confidential sources. Whistleblowers have to reveal things that can threaten their career or their livelihood because everything is secret and classified [and] in order to talk about almost anything important in national security or the war on terror, people have to take risks in order to tell the truth about what’s going on.

    We as reporters have to be willing to provide confidentiality in order to receive that information and report on that information and tell the American people what’s really happening. If we don’t have the ability to maintain confidential sources and protect our sources, then people won’t be willing to talk to us and we won’t be able to find out what the government is doing.” 

    Photo Caption: A 4000-page petition with 100,000 signatories who support New York Times reporter James Risen sits on a step ladder before being delivered to the U.S. Justice Department August 14, 2014 in Washington, DC.  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

    I need this book in my possession yesterday.

  2. viciousilicious:

    A few highlights from what has been called one of the worst interviews in recent history.

    Oh this makes me cringe

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  3. My little brother and I are at opposite ends of the house in our own rooms chuckling our asses off

    because we texted each other about the scene in Parks & Rec where Ron gets awarded employee of the month.

    And our mom is peaking her head out of the kitchen, completely confused.

  4. apio:

    A lot has happened over the past few weeks, but chief among them is the fact that I started a daily photo blog! Over at photo.tajreen.com (currently topped by shots of this girl's mug). I've toyed with the idea of doing freelance photography for the longest time, never thinking I was ready enough or I'd enjoy it enough, but getting back into it again after two years of film school has given me a totally new perspective. 

    Anyway blah blah blah art is fun again blah, point is, follow it if you’re into that sort of thing. And if you’re in LA or the South Bay, you can book me and I’ll immortalize yr beauty for future generations. 

    One of my dearest friends, Tajreen, came over one day to hang out; I treated her to brunch and she treated me to one of the most delightful photo shoots I’ve ever done. She managed to make me feel comfortable despite the fact that I was minimally clothed, drenched in water and in front of a lens. I was styled and shot in a way that I’ve never seen myself before and she managed to coax out a side of me that I’ve always wanted to be introduced to. I default on dainty things, she knew me enough to take that away. There were no frilly fabrics, no set design, just me barefoot in my backyard in a crop top and cut off shorts I’ve worn since middle school. She captured me in my most present state both mentally and physically. That afternoon and these images will be something I’ll treasure for years. I can’t wait for the day my future offspring stumble upon these, I’ll reach for the phone with wrinkly hands, call her up, and be like, “yo, you’re gonna get a kick out of this.”


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    girls don’t like boys, girls like halloween and mark ruffalo’s tumblr account

    I like Halloween and Tumblr, too.

    Wait, what?! Mark ruffalo has a tumblr?!?


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  6. pupfresh:

    Must Watch: Emma Watson delivers a powerful speech to United Nations about feminism

    The more I have spoken about feminism the more I have realized that fighting for women’s rights has too often become synonymous with man hating, if there is one thing I know for certain, it is that this has to stop.

    Wait for the part about approaching gender as a spectrum. I found that segment to be especially thoughtful.

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    Ivan Aivazovsky, Tower and Shipwreck, 1847

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    Alina Baraz & Galimatias | Make You Feel


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    Alina Baraz | Art of Persuasion (esta. remix)

    Friday work tunes

  10. atlasobscura:

    Feel like taking a magic carpet ride over one of the world’s most beautiful cities? This video from Aerial Prague is just the ticket…

    gothic architecture, castles and bridges and over a thousand years of damn good history in one of the most devastatingly beautiful cities in the world oh god
    I’m not crying,
    you’re crying.

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    Aerial | Baptise Debombourg.

    Shattering glass flooding into a room of Brauweiler Abbey in Germany.

    this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen


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    Chet Faker // Terms and Conditions

    Good morning, assholes.

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    Camp X-Ray - Official Trailer | HD | IFC Films

    Looking forward to this performance.

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  15. heyfunniest:

    Someone took a candid photo of a fight in Ukranian Parliament that is as well-composed as the best renaissance art.

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